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GS1 Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Labelling

It is usual business for the global fruit and vegetable sector to provide fresh products every day. Consumers value the high quality and wide range of fruit and vegetables on the shelves of their retail stores; however, supply and demand can change easily in the short term based on factors such as climate, season, weather, and plant health issues. This makes it very important for fruit and vegetable retailers to be able to react rapidly to get the right product in their stores.


Efficient order and delivery processes, flexibility, and traceability: the demands of the fruit and vegetable business have constantly increased over the last years. By means of unique product identification, which can be achieved by using the GS1 standards, these demands can be fulfilled by small, medium and large size companies.


The natural benefits of barcode based operations are obvious,

  • Reduced paperwork

  • Shorter lead times

  • Fewer out of stocks

  • Faster shelf replenishment

  • Instant response to product recalls

  • Increased order accuracy

  • Improved inventory control

  • Easy inclusion into legacy software systems

  • Low cost to get implemented and automate with

  • Standardised templates exist globally, for modern trade to communicate across its trading partners seamlessly


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Zebra Barcode Printer

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